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Wedding Attire
Some wedding fashion traditions you should know.

Today’s bride often chooses a full traditional wedding with beautiful, expensive wedding gowns, long trains, and exquisite veils or hats. Waiting on her are large numbers of attendants, groomsmen in tuxedos with matching accessories, and bridesmaids in elaborate, colorful and high fashion dresses. It wasn’t always that way. Over the generations, wedding attire fashion has been fascinating to watch.

Color It Red. Red was the favored color for wedding gowns in the Middle Ages and is still the color chosen by Hindu, Islamic and Chinese brides as a symbol of celebration. During the American Revolution, red was worn as a color of defiance by American brides.

A Different Approach. Your great, great grandmother picked out her wedding gown as something she would wear for “best” for years to come. It was sometimes white, but more often pale blue, dove gray or beige silk. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that white became the traditional color and brides started wearing the gown only once then storing it away as a treasured souvenir.

Veils and Wreaths – Confusing the Devil. Wedding veils were first worn to protect the bride from the ‘evil eye’. Romans were afraid the devil would spoil the joyful occasion and tried to conceal the bride.

Orange Blossom. A symbol of fertility, orange blossom was used in the wreaths and bouquets of the brides in Europe at the time of the crusaders.

Some more wedding traditions.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Ancient Hebrews first encouraged brides to wear blue ribbons on their wedding day. Blue was symbolic of love, purity and fidelity. Wearing something borrowed from a happily married woman was thought to transfer her married bliss to the new bride.

The Origins of the Wedding Party. Group disguises were another way to confuse the devil, by making bridesmaids and groomsmen indistinguishable from the happy couple. This led to the fashion of identical dressing, hence the wedding party we know today with the bridesmaids in matching gowns.

The 60’s and 70’s. The 1960’s and 1970’s brought the flower child era, with simplicity, sometimes bare feet, and weddings in the garden or park. The lack of formal weddings was the interesting element of these times.

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