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Wedding gowns cleaning, alterations and preservation

Cleaning and Preservation
Turning your perfect gown into a heirloom.

Preserve your wedding gown and accessories so they will always look as beautiful as the day of your wedding. Food, beverage and perspiration stains can cause irreparable damage; champagne and white wine leave invisible stains which will oxidize and, if not treated properly, will destroy the fabric. Planning to have it preserved as soon as possible is essential.

Stadium Cleaners’ Wedding Gown Specialists treat every wedding gown with great care. We meticulously apply modern cleaning techniques to suit the gown’s fabrics, age, and conditions. We then carefully fold the gown into layers of specially-treated protective tissue, and enclose in a beautifully constructed and embossed keepsake chest. The inner cover of the chest is sealed airtight to protect your gown from the elements. The transparent window displays it in its beautiful condition for years to come.

Tips for brides and families - we can arrange to pick up the gown after the wedding at the bride’s, the bridesmaid’s, or the family’s residence. Gown preservation makes a perfect wedding gift for the bride!

To place your order, call your Wedding Gown Specialist at (206) 522-9125 or by e-mail at customercare@stadiumcleaners.com.

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